We take a look at the two Peter Cushing Dalek films released in the 1960s at the height of Dalekmania. Along the way, Mark meets a fellow podcaster, Mark’s sister chances to meet our listener and we binge-watch Bond at the cinema.

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(00:04:06) Remain-voting – oops sorry – Leave-supporting MP, Liz Truss, inspires the nation with a speech at the Liberal Democrat – oops sorry – Conservative Party conference.

(00:08:10) As must be widely known by now (from QI if nothing else), Peter Cushing lived in Whitstable, a seaside town not far from our Mark’s home in Kent. Landmark’s include Cushing’s View (his memorial bench) and The Peter Cushing pub.

(00:24:58) Russell T Davies’s acceptance speech for his award for “It’s a Sin”.

(01:00:40) Roy Castle with Buddy Rich and Sammy Davis Jnr on the “Parkinson” show in 1982.

(01:01:40) Roy Castle breaks the world record for the fastest tap dancing (24 taps per second) in 1973.

(01:07:25) A scan from issue 28 of TV Century 21 comic where Lady Penelope meets he cast can be found on our Tumblr page here.

(01:19:50) The Dalek spaceship also appears in “The Body Stealers” as shown on our Tumblr page here.

(01:25:00) Ray Brooks voices “Mr Benn”.

(01:28:05) TV commercial for Harp lager from the 1970s.

(01:28:37) Sugar Puffs ran another competition for the second film.

(01:30:00) The scene from “Dr Nora” (“Frasier” S06E20).

(01:31:55) Young John Streeter wins a prop Dalek in a competition.

(01:32:25) British Telecom “Hola” TV commercial with the film poster in the background.

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