We present our retrospective of William Hartnell’s First Doctor era, where we reveal the results of our Top 5 Stories poll among our listeners.


MP3 Direct Download Link = DDPC120 – Hands Up Who Remembers Cinema Balconies


(00:41:41) The Weetabix TV advert during this intermission can be found here.

(00:54:10) The Reverend Captain Hullo Porro (better known to his friends and admirers as The Rev – better known to his family as Andy) is one of the three founding hosts of the Diddly Dum Podcast and one of our active hosts from podcasts 01 to 27 (because once a Diddly Dum host, always a Diddly Dum host).  The magnificent artwork which accompanied our first 27 podcasts was the work of the Rev and can been seen at the start of our commemorative podcast 100 video here. His professional artwork can be seen here.

(00:54:54) The specialist Viking horn afforded to Mark here for his “Rassilon’s Horn” moment comes of course from the 1958 film “The Vikings”. It can be heard as a central theme of the film’s music soundtrack and seen 2 mins 15 secs into this video clip.

(01:03:25) My trawl through the whole Hartnell era in order to trace his character development through his different means of addressing Ian can be found on my own blog here.

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