That drone you can hear filling the air is not the Diddly Dummers talking, it’s the sound of the Diddly Dum airship returning our heroic podcasters to The Whoseum where Hayden awaits, eager to pump them vigorously in the debriefing room for tales of the DWAS Capitol IV convention. This podcast episode includes our interviews at Capitol with former Doctor Who Magazine editor, John Freeman (just think of an even better looking Tom Spilsbury), and DWAS Capitol supremo and theatre buff, Tony Jordan (just think of an older Steven Berkoff). Along the way, we disclose the source of Hayden’s jamminess and we play a few rounds of “Who Said What?”.


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(00:04:10) Many thanks to Una McCormack for her time and her help in browbeating Hayden into watching Blakes 7. Una can be found on Linkedin here. She can also be found on Twitter @unamccormack.

(00:07:44) According to free newspaper The Metro and The Daily Star (not organs fames for their investigative journalism),Doctor Who is planning a Christmas special for this year after previously confirming that the show would not return until 2020. However, it may not be insignificant that the article linked here says that “ have contacted Doctor Who representatives for comment” and then moves on without suggesting that Doctor Who has even replied.

(00:11:41) Evidence of Hayden’s 10km practice run can be found on our Tumblr page here for any doubters.

(00:24:31) John Freeman is a writer, editor and creative consultant and publisher of the comics and other media news site John worked as both a designer and editor or Doctor Who Magazine in its earlier years. John’s work on “Crucible” can also be found here. He can be found on Facebook here and on Twitter here.

(00:58:22) Six short videos of the Sons of Skaro Daleks in the hotel lifts can be found on our Youtube channel here.

(01:06:14) Doc’s Morbius monster figure has at least eleven points of articulation and a press pass.

The Diddly Dum Podcast acknowledges the copyright of anyone we’ve pinched anything from.