We take a look at the new animated release of the Second Doctor story “The Macra Terror” and review the other animated releases over the years. Along the way, Hayden tells how he once disappointed Christopher H Bidmead, Doc’s habit of unconsciously singing in lifts is revealed and Mark uncovers a clandestine star extra in the Macra animation.


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(00:10:08) In his Salad (Nicoise) Days, Hayden took part in a project on Doctor Who Online to write prologues and epilogues to every story. His work on Castrovalva can be found here.

(00:12:59) The alarmingly catchy “Christopher Bidmead’s Writing” was a song composed and sung by the late lamented “Tachyon TV” podcast. The song can be found about 42 seconds into their “The Album” podcast episode which can be found here.

(00:31:25) As spotted by our own eagled-eyed Mark, if you take the face of Romana II from the “Shada” animation and add the hair of Polly from the “Power of the Daleks” animation, you get a random bystander in “The Macra Terror” animation.

(00:40:30) “Mary Mungo & Midge” is a British animated children’s television series produced by the BBC in 1969 and, as such, formed a basic staple of the childhood of Doc’s, Mark’s and Allan’s childhoods. The entire canon can be found on Youtube here.

(00:41:05) “The Bony King of Nowhere” was a song to be found in an episode of “Bagpuss”.

(00:52:58) Hayden’s treasured photo of himself and his sister meeting Deborah and Jack Watling in 1999 can be found on our Tumblr page here. The full story is told about 01:36:00 into our Podcast #54 which can be found here.

(00:54:02) Peter Purves, who played Steven Taylor opposite William Hartnell’s First Doctor, has revealed that he’s part of a project undertaken by The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) to recreate the missing episode, Mission to the Unknown.

(00:58:25) The 1980s Manga anime of the Third Doctor can be found on Youtube here.

The Diddly Dum Podcast acknowledges the copyright of anyone we’ve pinched anything from.