The Five Faces of Delusion (temporarily reduced to Three) welcome Tony Jordan, one of the DWAS head honchos, back to The Whoseum to talk with us about The Capitol IV convention in April.


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(00:00:00) The Doctor Who Appreciation Society’s “Capitol IV” convention will be held at the Arora International Hotel at Gatwick/Crawley over the weekend of 27/28 April 2019. Tickets can be bought on that website.

(00:12:00) Our interview with Anneke Wills at Capitol³ can be found 20 mins into  our podcast #095 (“Rogues, Vagabonds & Actors”).

(00:18:35) This “VETOED Elephant” poster of course appeared in the 1994 First Doctor story “Dalek Invasion of Earth” and is a secret sign among the human survivors.

(00:26:00) This audio clip from our interview with Kevin Davies can be found 1 hr 30 mins into our podcast #040 (“Kevin Davies”).

(00:33:10) The coin-operated Dalek ride was manufactured by Edwin Hall & Co between 1964 and 1967 and distributed by Edward Saville Amusements. A photo can be found on our Tumblr page here.


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