At long last, here’s our 100th podcast. Quite a landmark for us so we’ve chosen to make it a nostalgic one, looking back over our last nearly five years. We’ve put together a montage of clips of our least worst bits and we’ve been very self-indulgent. Which makes it a rather long podcast, even for us. That’s why we’ve split it into 2 halves – Episode 100a and Episode 100b – which you can download separately rather than trying to cope with one whacking great audio file.


MP3 Direct Download Link = DDPC100a – From Bagpuss to Algernon – part one


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We’ve also put together a movie collection of all the various artwork which had accompanied our last 99 podcasts which can be found on our Youtube channel here.

The Diddly Dum Podcast acknowledges the copyright of anyone we’ve pinched anything from.