It’s the podcast’s 4th birthday and the Five Faces of Delusion are reviewing “Twice Upon a Time”. Along the way, we find a connection between “Box of Delights” and early breathalyser tests, we howl for The North, and we look at the pros and cons of having superfans as showrunners and writers.


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(00:05:21) ECANOTMA is short for “Everything’s Connected And None Of This Means Anything”, a book written by former Diddly Dum host Al No.

(00:06:07) A picture of the UNIT badge Mark gave Polly for Christmas can be found on our Tumblr page here.

(00:06:49) A picture of Hayden’s TARDIS cabinet can be found on our Tumblr page here.

(00:13:58) Tony Slattery is an English actor and comedian.

(00:18:36) “The Night Walkers” was a story published in TV Comic featuring the Second Doctor. It is considered to be the conclusion of Season 6B. Published in three parts from 8-22 November 1969, it is the last TV Comic story to feature the Second Doctor and the very last adventure of this incarnation, loosely serving as a direct prequel to Spearhead from Space. It is also the only story to feature and properly show the Second Doctor’s regeneration, given that his last regular TV appearance didn’t show him regenerating, and also uniquely the only time the Doctor has regenerated in a comic story as opposed to an onscreen episode.

(00:58:54) The larger British supermarket chains and department store chains have become famous in recent years for spending millions on arty TV commercials over Christmas. In 2014, Sainsbury’s supermarket gave us one based on the 1914 Christmas truce.

(01:00:25) This clip comes from the final episode of “Blackadder Goes Forth”.

(01:27:52) Hayden’s book “A Child Out Of Time” continues to do well.

(01:47:56) This clip of Jim Broadbent and Victoria Wood comes from her TV play “Staying In”.

The Diddly Dum Podcast acknowledges the copyright of anyone we’ve pinched anything from.