This podcast is is two parts. First comes our look back at last weekend’s Doctor Who Appreciation Society convention, “Capitol 2” – the first convention for Doc and Mark. Listeners are advised to arm themselves with ear defenders to protect themselves from the avalanche of u-turns as Doc takes back everything he’s said previously about conventions and autographs. Gasp as Allan reveals behind-the-scenes secrets. Go aaaaah as Doc and Mark fall head over heels in love with several people. Wince in sympathy as you hear why Hayden had to pull out at the last minute.

Then we take a look at “Thin Ice” and “Knock Knock”, the next two new episodes in Series 10 of Doctor Who.


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(00:25:42) The results of “Challenge Daphne” – Daphne Ashbrook’s attempt on the world record for the mos individual selfies – can be found at the Doctor Who Appreciation Society Facebook page.

(00:29:45) Mark has finally laid to rest all debate over the “Revenge of the Cybermen” double-page spread in the second “Doctor Who Monster Book” by getting David Banks to sign the page “Not canonical”. See our Tumblr page here.

(00:30:40) Mark meets Uncle Terrance Dicks.

(00:35:00) After opposing the idea of a female Doctor for so long, Doc gives way upon meeting the divine Daphne Ashbrook. See our Youtube channel here.

(00:43:56) The fabulous Katy Manning arrives to be interviewed by Allan.

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