The Diddly Dumbers review the first two episodes of the new series 10 of Doctor Who – “The Pilot” and “Smile”.

Along the way, Mark explains how he gets vertigo in museums, Hayden relates how his grandparents used to scare the living bejesus out of his uncle in the 1960s with a PVC Dalek suit, Allan discurses on moral responsibility in a determinative universe, and Doc is hospitalised after another attempt to scale the North Face of his voice impersonation of Zor, leader of all Pescatons.


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(00:14:05) “The Greatest Adventure Yet From Captain Kremmen” LP (1980).

(00:15:05) Kenny Everett’s notorious appearance at the 1983 Conservative Party Conference.

(00:19:22) Following the success of the inaugural event, the Doctor Who Appreciation Society is proud to announce ‘The Capitol II’ – a full scale, two day event that will take place at the Arora Hotel Gatwick over the weekend of the 6th & 7th May, 2017.

(01:03:08) The Infinite Monkey Cage radio show and podcast.

(01;46:15) Andrew Vardy video.

(01:50:28) The Alan Gribble Trophy raises money for cancer research in memory of Hayden’s Dad. Please make a donation if you can.

(01:50:53) Podcasters Royale is our sister podcast run by Hayden as a tribute to everything 007.

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