In the final week before Season 10 of Doctor Who begins, we take a look the various cult books which have been arriving at The Whoseum for our delectation. This leads to much wistful sighing over memories over comics from the 1970s, especially 2000AD. We also look at some promising hints about Pearl Mackie’s companion character.

Then the Diddly Dum Whoseum hosts its first ever game of Just a Minute.

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(00:03:55) The roots of jamminess run deep in Hayden’s family. Here’s his Dad on the inside cover of the Pink Floyd Wall album.

(00:06:31) Richard Franklin appears in a McDonalds commercial.

(00:08:01) The Great Curator scene from “Day of the Doctor” done by Jon Culshaw and Jake Dudman.

(00:11:29) “Scarred for Life: Volume One – The 1970s”.

(00:14:56) “Serial Killer, Part 1: Read Em and Weep” – Pat Mills.

(00:16:00) Ro-busters.

(00:16:20) “Thrill Power Overload”.

(00:16:50) “The Day the Law Died”.

(00:28:17) “Doctor Who and the Fescan Threat”.

(00:29:30) “The Unofficial Doctor Who Limerick Book”.

(00:41:01) Pearl Mackie’s interview.

(00:53:09) Podcasters Royale is our sister podcast run by Hayden as a tribute to everything 007.

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The Diddly Dum Podcast acknowledges the copyright of anyone we’ve pinched anything from.