For the second podcast running, the Five Faces of Delusion are only four this week as Allan has gone missing, summoned away at the last minute from his Northern fastness by a mysterious invitation to Cardiff from the movers and shakers of Doctor Who. Our faithless listeners can rest assured that, come next time, we’ll be pumping Allan thoroughly in the debriefing room (audio only alas). In his absence this week, we start a double-podcast tribute to Patrick Troughton, covering “The Highlanders” and “Tomb of the Cybermen”.

Along the way, Hayden’s Jam Pantry (hitherto thought impregnable) gets raided; we examine the curious role played by the Spurs Supporters Club at the Battle of Culloden (with a rare find of a piece of music more ear-shredding than bagpipes); Hayden auditions for TV game shows; Toberman gets a good mind-rinse with Cyber-shampoo and we drool over the long awaited Issue 3 of Vworp Vworp magazine.

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(00:04:53) Following the success of the inaugural event, the
Doctor Who Appreciation Society presents ‘The Capitol II’ – a full scale, two day event that will take place at the Arora Hotel Gatwick over the weekend of the 6th & 7th May, 2017.

(00:19:35) Vworp Vworp magazine issue 3 has now been published in all its gorgeousness.

(00:50:35) Hayden’s notoriously ungelled interview with BBC News upon the departure of Matt Smith can be found on our Youtube channel here.

(00:52:50) Doc’s personal blog “Doctor Whom” can be found here. And his journey from “An Unearthly Child”onwards can be found here.

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