This week, The Five Faces of Delusion take a look at two stories from Jon Pertwee’s final season. With “Invasion of the Dinosaurs” we show how, if you look beyond the ropey models and the heavy “Eastenders” influences, this story is essentially Malcolm Hulke doing to the Communist Party of Great Britain what Robert Holmes did to the Inland Revenue with “The Sun Makers”. With “Planet of the Spiders” we draw a direct line from this story to the twin literary masterpieces “Flowers for Algernon” and “Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH”.

Along the way, we look at how Rick James was knocked off the top spot he’d occupied since “The Mutants”. We question whether one’s attitude to the Third Doctor’s authoritarianism changes with the onset of fatherhood. We explain how The Whomobile was the Wonderbra of its day. And we poke our noses into Richard Franklin’s political career.

Mark’s daughter, Polly, was so inspired by “Invasion of the Dinosaurs” that she wants to watch another UNIT story next. Send us your recommendations for the best UNIT story for Mark to watch with her.

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(00:08:30) The Chewits Monster.

(00:33:19) “The Avengers – The House That Jack Built” (S04E23)can be found here. The scene where Steed finds that Emma has sorted out the trouble for herself occurs about 49 mins into the episode.

(00:57:20) Jon Pertwee drives The Whomobile into the Blue Peter studio to meet Peter Purves on 7 January 1974.

(00:57:20) Jon Pertwee drives The Whomobile into the Blue Peter studio to meet Peter Purves on 7 January 1974.

(00:57:50) Jon Pertwee drives The Whomobile around Chingford on 26 July 1975.

(00:58:37) It’s been suggested that The Whomobile owed more than a little to the design of the X.P.A.C. 400 Air Car, built in the early 1960s by George Barris (King of the Kustomisers).

(00:59:34) Daryl Joyce’s painting of The Whomobile chasing Lupton in the gyrocopyter.

(01:00:33) The Daypol tooling master-model of The Whomobile was intended for production in 1991 but was never produced.

(01:01:03) The Corgi tooling master model of The Whomobile.

(01:06:05) The jewel thief from Episode 1 of “Invasion of the Dinosaurs” is played by Gordon Reid who’s better known to Doc’s generation as the voice of Angel Two from Radio 4 sci-fi series “Earthsearch”.

The Diddly Dum Podcast acknowledges the copyright of anyone we’ve pinched stuff from.