We’re joined in the marble halls of The Whoseum this week by Marc (for it is he) Atkinson of the Progtor Who Podcast.

Marc arrived driving a forklift as it was the only way he could transport his item for exhibition and discussion – the “Doctor Who: The Vault” book from the 50th anniversary.

We also look at Ed Stradling’s trilogy of musical blockbusters, “The Doctor Who Years” tapes.

Along the way, Hayden and Marc chat about music while the Whoseum computer translates for a confused and unmusical Doc. We remember the taste of Dalek Death Ray ice lollies from the 1970s. And Hayden relates yet another jammy anecdote from his life.


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Our guest this week is Marc Atkinson of the Progtor Who podcast. Mark first joined Hayden on Diddly Dum episode 051 “Podcasters Assemble 2”. Marc’s Twitter account can be found here and the Progtor Who Twitter account can be found here. Marc’s band is Riversea.

(00:37:40) “Doctor Who: The Vault” by Marcus Hearn was released for Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary.

(00:43:55) Our co-host (when he turns up), Matt recently interviewed Louise Jameson (Leela) at the Fab Café in Manchester. Footage of his interview can be found on Youtube here (part 1) and here (part 2) and includes in the background at one point the TV commercial for the Denys Fisher Doctor Who toy range from 1977.

(00:49:00) “The Amazing World of Doctor Who” – other pictures on our Tumblr page here.

(00:51:22) “The Doctor Who Years” was a streaming video, charting the history of  Doctor Who, which was broadcast on BBCi’s official Doctor Who website to coincide with the return of the series to BBC Television screens in 2005, and was intended to present a potted history of the original Doctor Who series, broadcast between 1963–1989. The video was presented in three parts, The Sixties, The Seventies and The Eighties, and featured material from every Doctor Who serial, presented chronologically and accompanied by narrative text and pop music that had featured in the UK Singles Chart at the time the clips were originally broadcast. The Sixties was produced by SVS, The Seventies and The Eighties were produced by Ed Stradling. The videos were commissioned by James Goss, then editor of the BBCi’s Doctor Who website.

If you want any advice or where these videos can be found online, email us at

(01:03:45) Jon Pertwee arriving in Bessie at Billy Smart’s Circus.

(01:08:16) Russell Brand exchanging barbs with Bob Geldof.

(01:22:30) The seminal “Christopher Bidmead’s Writing” by the late lamented Tachyon TV podcast can be found on their “Album” (21 Feb 2010) podcast here.

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