13521814_10154283921169695_2018628408_nRob Irwin of The Doctor Who Show Podcast traverses the globe to visit The Diddly Dum Whoseum and to present three treasured memories of Doctor Who for exhibition.

We take a look at Rob’s 25mm miniatures, his appearance on a TV quiz cosplaying the Fifth Doctor and the “A Celebration” book by Peter Haining.

Along the way, the conversation veers off down the side-roads of Alfred Hitchcock’s Three Investigators, the musical links between The Young Ones and The All New Pink Panther Show and between Juliet Bravo and Mork & Mindy, the jingles of ITV regional franchises and cosplaying.

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(00:02:38) This week’s guest is Rob Irwin of The Doctor Who Show podcast and formerly of the Who Wars podcast.

(00:24:58) The Three Investigators is an American juvenile detective book series first published as “Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators”. It was created by Robert Arthur, Jr., who believed using a famous person such as movie director Hitchcock would attract attention.

(00:41:43) Rob’s first exhibit for The Whoseum is his set of 25mm Citadel miniatures of Doctor Who characters. Individual pics of this range can be found on our Tumblr page here. There are also some pics of this range can be found on our Tumblr page here later painted versions here. These first came to Rob’s attention in this article by Gary Russell in Doctor Who Magazine #119.

(00:51:14) Dare you enter the world of Napoleonic Teddy Bears with popguns? Do you?

(00:58:29) Rob’s books which we discuss can be found in the background to this photo.

(01:00:02) “Sound & Vision” can be found on Phonic FM on the fourth Monday evening of each month in which wonderful collections of music are put together by Dan, Richard and Lee. The upcoming show will be called “Robotopia”, looking at the music of robots, androics and cyborgs of film and TV. “Sound & Vision’s” back catalogue can be found here. Their tribute to the music of Ennio Morricone can be found here and their wistful salute to the music of the dear departed Thames TV can be found here. On a more Doctor Whoish note, their show dedicated to the BBC radiophonic workshop can be found here, and to the music of classic Doctor Who here.

(01:10:07) Jeremy Paxman tells the Newsnight audience exactly what he thinks of the new breed of BBC news manager.

(01:11:10) Jeremy Paxman presents the weather under protest.

(01:12:03) Rob’s second exhibit for The Whoseum is the missing-presumed-wiped episode of ABC’s “The Afternoon Show” in 1988 where he took part in a 25th anniversary Doctor Who quiz. The glitzier quiz from the following year survives here.

(01:26:40) Starting around 15 mins into episode Extra 9.6 of the “On the Time Lash” podcast, Ben and Mark discuss the cut-throat world of cosplaying competitions for 5 year old.

(01:27:40) Matt Smith little knew the consequences of stepping down from the role of the Doctor. For it launched the media career of our very own, and very ungelled Hayden.

(01:30:46) The copyright cosplayer.

(01:32:04) The TARDIS console cosplayer.

(01:37:12) The TIE fighter helmet on Antiques Roadshow.

(01:41:04) Rob’s third exhibit for The Whoseum is the Peter Haining book “Doctor Who: A Celebration”, published in 1983.

(01:55:20) “The Amazing World of Doctor Who” – other pictures on our Tumblr page here.

(02:03:48) To those familiar with “The Daleks” comic strip from TV Century 21 comic in the 1960s, Davros is a mere usurper. The true creator of the Daleks was of course Yarvelling.

The Diddly Dum Podcast acknowledges the copyright of anyone we’ve pinched stuff from.