WavingThe Four Faces of Delusion present new exhibits for display at the Diddly Dum Whoseum.

Matt chooses a collection of almost 500 issues of Doctor Who Magazine. Doc chooses First Doctor companion Steven Taylor, a.k.a. Peter Purves. Hayden chooses a very special day in November 2013.

Along the way, we trace the path from Bergerac to Midsomer Murders, Hayden reminisces about the day he sat for half an hour with Peter Purves discussing Spurs left-backs, Matt reveals a startling hobby, Doc croons a tune as the Controller from “Day of the Daleks” and Hayden reveals his not one but two cameo appearances in “The Five (ish) Doctors Rebooted”.



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(00:01:30) “Bergerac” is a BBC TV show set in Jersey and starring John Nettles as the title character Detective Sergeant Jim Bergerac, a detective in Le Bureau des Étrangers, part of the States of Jersey Police. “Midsomer Murders” is a British TV  detective drama that has aired on ITV since 1997 and is based on Caroline Graham’s Chief Inspector Barnaby book series.

(00:04:38) Sean Arnold of course played the role of Commander Telson in that seminal BBC Radio 4 sci-fi serial from Doc’s youth, “Earthsearch”.

(00:07:25) “Doctor Who: The Writer’s Tale” by Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook.

(00:09:45) “Writing for Television in the 70s” by Malcolm Hulke.

(00:19:45) “From Raxacoricofallapatorius with Love” is a special one-off episode from Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures. It was the first Doctor Who spin-off to produce a special for Comic Relief and was broadcast on 13 March 2009 as part of Red Nose Day 2009.

(00:23:45) Launching in March 2016 from Obverse Books, The Black Archive is a series of book-length looks at single Doctor Who stories from 1963 to the present day.

(00:24:40) “Out of the Unknown” is a British television science fiction anthology drama series, produced by the BBC and broadcast on BBC2 in four series between 1965 and 1971. All surviving episodes were released on DVD by the BFI in November 2014.

(00:25:10) Annette Badland as Madame Arcati in “Blithe Spirit” by Noel Coward (Royal Exchange Theatre 9 December – 23 January). Photo – Jonathan Keenan.

(00:40:30) The Letter Lords on The Doctor Who Show podcast.

(00:41:08) The Peterloo Massacre occurred at St Peter’s Field, Manchester, England, on 16 August 1819, when cavalry charged into a crowd of 60,000–80,000 that had gathered to demand the reform of parliamentary representation. “The Peterloo Massacre” is a story from Big Finish’s 5th Doctor range.

(00:43:05) “The Auntie Matter” is a story from Big Finish’s 4th Doctor range.

(00:52:42) First Doctor companion, Steven Taylor, was played by titan of BBC Children’s TV of Doc’s generation and of Blue Peter, Peter Purves.

(00:54:05) The notorious baby elephant incident from Blue Peter in 1969.

(00:55:38) Jon Pertwee drives the Whomobile onto Blue Peter in 1974.

(01:09:50) Steven sings “The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon” while Dodo bashes away on an upright.

(01:13:20) Blue Peter annuals – collected by Hayden from second-hand shops in the 21st century, received at Christmas by Doc in the 20th century.

(01:16:28) Blue Peter shows the results of John Noakes’s accident on the Cresta Run in the 1970s.

(01:23:56) The “after party” on 23 Nov 2013 – British TV at its best followed by British TV at its worst. Watch Steven Moffat’s reaction 2 mins 10 secs into this clip.

(01:33:58) Hayden had two cameo appearances in “The Five (ish) Doctors Rebooted”.

(01:40:50) The selection of 12 Radio Times covers for the week of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.


(01:53:00) Alan Partridge: “Don’t be Blue, Peter”.

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