Citadel 4Hayden brings us the second in his occasional series of “Podcasters Assemble” where he chats to a dazzling international array of fellow Doctor Who podcasters and tries to understand what makes them tick.

This week, we hear Erika (for it is she) Ensign from the “Verity!” podcast, Marc (for it is he) Atkinson from the “Progtor Who” podcast, Christian (for it is he) Cawley from “The Podkast With a K” and Phil (for it is he) Cannon from the “Who’s He?” podcast.

You may by now have noticed that we’re pushing for the formal introduction of “(for it is s/he)” as a title for Doctor Who podcasters, the Jedi Knights of fandom. On the subject of which, we close this week’s podcast with a little tribute to another knight of the airwaves.

(The international flavour of this week’s artwork comes courtesy of friend of the show, Simon (for it is he) Brett of the Blue Box Podcast.)

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(00:00:00) Our Pandemonium themed intro has been illustrated by friend of the show Simon (for it is he) Brett of the Blue Box Podcast who can claim to be one of the four original parents of the Diddly Dum Podcast. If we are the Prince Caspian of Doctor Who podcasting, just think of the Blue Boxers as Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. Simon’s Facebook page can be found here and his website is here. The summit of his broadcasting career of course came in 2014 when he visited The Whoseum in Diddly Dum Podcast 017 (“Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings”).

(00:02:04) Hayden’s first guest this week is Erika (for it is she) Ensign of the “Verity!” podcast.

(00:29:15) Hayden’s second guest this week is Marc (for it is he) Atkinson of the “Progtor Who” podcast and band Riversea.

(00:57:06) Hayden’s third guest this week is Christian (for it is he) Cawley of the “Podkast With a K”.

(01:21:38) Hayden’s fourth guest this week is Phil (for it is he) Cannon of the “Who’s He?” podcast.

(01:52:10) We round off this week’s podcast with a tribute to two men who have been lost to broadcasting since we recorded our last podcast. Few Doctor Who fans’ lives have not at some stage been touched by titan of the airwaves, Sir Terry Wogan. Terry encountered many stars of Doctor Who during his interviewing career and of course his years as the great helmsman of the BBC’s Children in Need. Terry interviews Colin Baker here and interviews Jon Pertwee here. “The Five Doctors” 20th anniversary special was broadcast in the UK on Children in Need night and, after the closing credits, Terry met the then current Doctor, Peter Davidson here. He met half the stars of Doctor Who during the 1985 Children in Need night here. Our musical tribute is a clip from Terry’s 1978 recording of “The Floral Dance” which reached Number 1 in the British charts. He tries to keep his face straight in this “Top of the Pops” appearance from the time. We also recently lost Ed “Stewpot” Stewart, DJ and (to Doc’s generation) presenter of “Crackerjack” (Crackerjack).

The Diddly Dum Podcast acknowledges the copyright of anyone we’ve pinched stuff from.