DIDDLY DUM PODCAST 049 – Chris Achilleos Interview

achilleosWe mark the podcast’s 2nd birthday with an interview with titan of the TARGET Doctor Who books range Chris Achilleos. We build up to the interview by revisiting our memories of those novelisations and which bookshops we used to buy them from.

Along the way, Hayden reveals his first foray into crime, Doc is taken to Aladdin’s cave but not allowed to sample the treasures and Matt reveals that his grandmother went to school with Barry Letts. We even find out which TARGET book led Doc into a lifelong dislike of cockney sailor Ben Jackson.

We also celebrate Hayden finally buying a decent microphone.

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(00:05:43) Hayden’s first ever TARGET novelisation was “The Web of Fear”.

(00:07:42) Matt’s first ever TARGET novelisation was “The Krotons”.

(00:18:45) Here are the three bookshops where our heroes bought their TARGET books. Although one of them is now closed down and another has been taken over, decide for yourself which of the podcasters had the most architecturally sophisticated childhood.

(00:25:35) The “Earthshock” front cover which shocked Hayden by contradicting the Fifth Doctor’s pacifism.

(01:02:34) To all fans of the TARGET Doctor Who novelisations, Chris Achilleos’s cover artwork will be the seminal wallpaper to their childhood. Hayden was lucky enough to meet Chris last year and interview him. All of Chris’s Doctor Who cover artwork can be found here.

(01:41:55) The “Doctor Who and The Daleks” TARGET cover.

(01:42:05) The “Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion” TARGET cover.

(01:43:52) The “Doctor Who and the Three Doctors” TARGET cover as a tribute to the iconic Fantastic Four cover.

(01:45:12) The “Doctor Who and Tenth Panet” TARGET cover.

(01:45:59) The first “Doctor Who Monster Book” was issued in 1975.

(01:46:32) “The Amazing World of Doctor Who” was a 1976 promotional book offered by Ty·phoo Tea.

(01:53:19) This week’s podcast ends with a tribute to David Bowie and Alan Rickman gleaned from The Simpsons.

The Diddly Dum Podcast acknowledges the copyright of anyone we’ve pinched stuff from.

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