hidden libkThis week, Matt has been caught in a time bubble while punting on the Irwell. What does the future hold for Hayden, alone in the Whoseum with only Pampisford Aylesbury (Doc’s Zygon double) and a wonky Time Space Visualiser for company?

The remaining members of the Four Faces of Delusion nevertheless review the “Invasion of the Zygons” / “Inversion of the Zygons” two-parter.

Along the way, we discover how the “Robots of Death” is a trenchant allegory of people eating popcorn in cinemas, how Hayden in his youth used to fiddle the BBC’s ratings for Doctor Who and how the Brigadier is a more caring man in the TARGET novelisations than in the TV episodes.

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(00:03:12) Steven Moffat’s “I’ve seen the business plan” interview with Variety.

(00:13:05) Peter Capaldi’s “scheduling pawn” interview.

(00:29:53) “Charley Says” was a series of short cartoon public information films for children, produced by the British government’s Central Office of Information and broadcast in the United Kingdom in the 1970s and 1980.

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