The Human Palindrome, Mark Cockram of the Blue Box Podcast, joins the Four Faces of Delusion to make a podcasting quartet. This week, we shake the Doctor Who world to its foundations as we compile a dossier of disloyal quotes from fans of the show pushing for for changes at the top. Gasp as Russell T Davies attacks epic series arcs. Recoil as Steven Moffat demands an end to Gallifreyan back-story. No more preview tapes for those two.

Along the way, we cover scandals so shocking that they have to be censored from the podcast. Matt tells of his disappointment at not meeting Mark Strickson despite having dressed as Vorshak from “Warriors of the Deep” specially for him, but a chance meeting with an old friend cheers him up. We help Jon Pertwee to redeem an old Saturday evening favourite (though no-one will admit it). And the flower of the week is the Lupin.

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(00:00:00) This week’s guest is Mark Cockram of the Blue Box Podcast.

(00:12:50) Our dossier of disloyal fan comments was filed among the Doctor Who Magazine back catalogue, specifically issue 279 (June 1999). Images can be found on the October page of our Tumblr site.

(00:56:45) What would Captain Picard look like with hair?

(00:37:35) Jon Pertwee appeared on BBC’s “Noel’s House Party” on 19 March 1994 after having received his “Gotcha” (just think elaborate Candid Camera-esque practical joke).

(00:57:35) Here’s the Monty Python “Dennis Moore” sketch (a.k.a the Lupins sketch) which had completely slipped Doc’s mind.

(01:08:50) Lenny the Lion was a ventriloquist puppet which used to appear on British television. You can see why the Doctor uses him as a term of abuse.

Peter Capaldi makes to throw his birthday cake in Maisie Williams’s face.

The Diddly Dum Podcast acknowledges the copyright of anyone we’ve pinched anything from.