Hayden returns from his trip to New York just in time to watch both “Under the Lake” and “Before the Flood” for this week’s review show. Meanwhile, Matt employs the wonders of Skype to join us from Gareth Kavanagh’s aviary where he’s been birdsitting.

Along the way, the BBC splits the Four Faces of Delusion from One Nation into a North-South divide as we furiously debate the correct pronunciation of “Class” before going on to analyse the obvious similarities between the proposed spin-off and Sister Act. Hayden finally receives his Peter Capaldi figure and finds it a little tall. We explain the significance of Hilda’s Ogden living room in the design of the underwater base and the centrality of the astronomy of “Porridge” to the Doctor Who universe. Hayden and Matt listen in horror to tales of Doc’s A Level English Literature course.

And we even manage to find time to celebrate the clunkiest and most banal sentence in the history of Doctor Who.

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(00:01:25) Photos of Hayden’s New York trip can be found on our October Tumbler page here.

(00:06:27) Matt attended “An Afternoon with Philip Hinchcliffe” at the Fab Café in Manchester on 4th October 2015.

(00:06:55) Philip Hinchcliffe brought along with him the original Action Man used for the Miniature Time Lord in “The Deadly Assassin” and the prototype Tom Baker scarf, pictures of which can be seen on our October Tumbler page here (courtesy of @FrivolousMonsta).

(00:21:55) Hayden’s finally completed line-up of Doctor figures can be seen on our October Tumbler page here.

(00:52:25) When it came to the Sword of Orion, perhaps the writers of this story could have benefited from a lesson in astonomy from “A Test of Character”, episode 5 of season 3 of “Porridge”. The two astronomy scenes and the “Balls, Mr Mackay” scene begin at 8 mins into this Youtube clip of the episode.

(00:01:54) “The Tide is High” by Blondie.

The Diddly Dum Podcast acknowledges the copyright of anyone we’ve pinched anything from.