The Four Faces of Delusion bring you the first of their fortnightly double reviews of the new stories from Series 9 of Doctor Who. This week we cover The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar.

Along the way, Hayden visits The Blind Beggar and finds it much more salubrious now that the Kray Twins have left before popping into the British Film Institute for a wee and finding a famous face at the urinal, Matt receives help from an even more famous face on the London Underground, Doc finds the missing piece to his Christmas Invasion jigsaw, we draw comparisons between Davros and Vernon Kay which are not complimentary to the latter and Matt reveals all about The War Bungle.

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(00:03:10) “The Blind Beggar” is a pub on Whitechapel Road, Whitechapel in London. The pub is known for Ronnie Kray’s murder of George Cornell. The Kray Twins were, as any Cockney will reassure you, famous for loving their mother, if not Jack “the Hat” Mcvitie.

(00:09:20) Chris Morris is an English comedian, writer, director, actor, voice actor, and producer. In the early 1990s, Morris teamed up with his radio producer, Armando Iannucci, to create On The Hour, a satire of news programmes. This was expanded into a television spin off, The Day Today, which launched the career of Steve Coogan, and has since been hailed as one of the most important satirical shows of the 1990s. Morris further developed the satirical news format with Brass Eye, which lampooned celebrities whilst focusing on themes such as crime and drugs. For many, the apotheosis of Morris’s career was a Brass Eye special, which dealt with the moral panic surrounding paedophilia. It quickly became one of the most complained about programmes in British television history, leading the Daily Mail to describe him as “the most loathed man on TV”.

(00:12:40) Philip Morris on finding then losing “Web of Fear” episode 3.

(00:53:08) “Bugs” is a British television drama series which ran for four series from April 1995 to August 1999

(01:05:30) The Doctor and Clara crossing the Abbey Road zebra crossing …ooops sorry that was someone else doing what a million people have done before – here’s the actual photo.

(01:28:40) “Rainbow is a British children’s television series which ran from 1972 to 1992. The first Rainbow presenter and the War Bungle. The show’s first presenter was David Cook. It starred voice of the Daleks Roy Skelton as characters George and Zippy. The first actor to play the role of Bungle Bear was voice of K9 John Leeson. This incarnation of Bungle was so scary that generations of children have tried to wipe it from their memories which is why it has become known as The War Bungle.

(01:31:30) Behind the scenes videos on the creation of Series 9 of Doctor Who.

(02:21:02) Katy Manning appears on Phonic FM.

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