comedy 4UntitledIt’s been a sad week for the Four Faces of Delusion and so, in place of a standard podcast, to give us a much needed smile, we present the pilot of a little project which Hayden has had bubbling away on the back burner of late. The plan is for us and our guests to step outside the world of Doctor Who and share what tickles our funny bones.

This is an opportunity for all those of Hayden and Matt’s generation to have a good giggle and for all those of Doc’s generation to spit out their Ovaltine in despair over their slippers and shake their heads sadly at what young people are laughing at in this day and age.

We therefore present Hayden’s Comedy Hour.

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(00:02:25) A Bit of Fry and Laurie – Hardware Shop.      “A Bit of Fry & Laurie” is a British sketch comedy television series written by and starring Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, broadcast between 1989 and 1995.

(00:05:05) That Mitchell and Webb Look – “Medical Emergency”.     “That Mitchell and Webb Look” is a British television sketch show starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb shown on BBC Two since 2006.

(00:07:45) The Two Ronnies – News at Ton.     “The Two Ronnies” is a BBC television comedy sketch show created by Bill Cotton for the BBC, which aired on BBC1 from 1971 to 1987. It featured the double act of Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett, the two Ronnies of the title.

(00:11:55) Bottom – Chess.     “Bottom” is a British sitcom television series that originally aired on BBC2 between 1991 and 1995. It was written by and starred comic duo Ade Edmondson and Rik Mayall as Eddie and Richie, two flatmates who live on the dole in London.

(00:17:45) Flight of the Conchords – Business Time.     “Flight of the Conchords” is a New Zealand-based comedy band composed of Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement.

(00:22:05) Whose Line is it Anyway – Indiana Jones and the Lone Ranger.     “Whose Line is it Anyway” is an improvisational comedy show, which was originally hosted by Drew Carey on ABC and ABC Family and ran from August 5, 1998 to December 15, 2007.

(00:27:00) Vicar of Dibley – Wise Men Audition (from the episode “Winter”).     “Vicar of Dibley” was a BBC television sitcom created by Richard Curtis and written for actress Dawn French which aired from 1994 to 2007.

(00:30:20) Harry Enfield’s Television Programme – Wayne and Waynetta.     “Harry Enfield’s Television Programme” (also called “Harry Enfield and Chums”) was a British sketch show starring Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse.

(00:34:10) Red Dwarf – Winnie the Pooh.     “Red Dwarf” is a British comedy which primarily comprises ten series (the ninth being a mini-series) of a television science fiction sitcom that aired on BBC Two between 1988 and 1993 and from 1997 to 1999, and on Dave in 2009 and 2012, gaining a cult following.

(00:37:18) The Goon Show – The Case of the Missing Heir.     “The Goon Show” is a British radio comedy programme, originally produced and broadcast by the BBC Home Service from 1951 to 1960, with occasional repeats on the BBC Light Programme. The show’s chief creator and main writer was Spike Milligan and it starred Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe (with Michael Bentine in earlier series).

(00:40:45) Not Only…But Also – A Bit of a Chat.     “Not Only…But Also” was a popular 1960s BBC British television series starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.

(00:47:00) Adam and Joe – Points of View.     “Adam and Joe” is a Sony Award winning radio show on BBC Radio 6 Music presented by Adam and Joe; comedians Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish. The show began in October 2007 and runs for three hours in a Saturday morning slot, originally from 9:00am to 12:00pm before moving to 10:00am to 1:00pm. After a hiatus from 26 December 2009, the series returned for three months on 2 April 2011[3] on BBC Radio 6 Music.

(00:52:36) Not the Nine O Clock News – I Like Trucking.     “Not the Nine O Clock News” is a television comedy sketch show which was broadcast on BBC2 from 1979 to 1982. The show featured Rowan Atkinson, Pamela Stephenson, Mel Smith, and Griff Rhys Jones.

(00:55:20) The Laughing Policeman – Charles Penrose.       The laughter at the end of the podcast is taken from the end of “The Laughing Policeman” which is a music hall song by Charles Jolly, the pseudonym of Charles Penrose.

The Diddly Dum Podcast acknowledges the copyright of anyone we’ve pinched anything from.