The Four Faces of Delusion admit to their guilty pleasures when it comes to Doctor Who.

Along the way, Matt drops names left right and centre to the great frustration of Doc and Hayden, we discuss the fallout of Colin Baker’s recent DWM interview and imagine the emotional consequences if ever a poll were held for favourite Diddly Dumber, we debate the use of “Show and Tell” as a tool for the education of Britain’s youth, Doc examines how puberty affects one’s view of his own guilty pleasure, Matt argues that the Peladon stories are in fact Star Trek Voyager episodes and Hayden looks back on the anagramatised Anthony Ainley.

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“Invasion: Earth” is a BBC science fiction TV series. It was made in collaboration with the Sci Fi Channel, and released in 1998 as six fifty minute episodes.

Sylvester McCoy’s recent announcement that he didn’t favour a female Doctor sparked much discussion on

Doctor Who Series 9 trailer breakdown.

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