The Four Faces of Delusion become five as we complete our set of Blue Box Podcasters by welcoming Mark Cockram to the Diddly Dum Whoseum.

Mark has brought along a number of items which are redolent for him of a life with the Doctor. From Jon Pertwee’s “Who is the Doctor” single to the Graham Williams era via Loose Cannon reconstructions. As for the man who stopped Tom Baker on Oxford Street and told him about his childhood in a care home, Mark’s own tale of his primary school Tom Baker trauma knocks that into a cocked hat.

Along the way, we toast absent friends in the finest vintage of Dandelion & Burdock while extrapolating the succession of Doctors we might have had if the late Ron Moody had succeeded Patrick Troughton – William Hartnell, Pat Troughton, Ron Moody, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Christopher Lee in cricket whites. We discover that Hayden’s great-grandfather was the first person ever to sell Ford motor cars…(listen in to hear the end of that sentence). We also hear of Mark’s memories of seeing Matthew Waterhouse in a stage production of Treasure Island and the role of “Inherit the Wind” in the Cockram family acquiring their first VCR.

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Mark is the fourth member of the Blue Box Podcast to have visited the Diddly Dum Whoseum.

Stalwart of Classic Diddly Dum and son of the Humber, The Rev (a.k.a. Andy), has recently started his Top Geak Podcast where he has collected his top interviews which have appeared on the Who Wars Podcast. Our reverend colleague interviews luminaries from the worlds of comic art and writing (including Lee Sullivan, Cavan Scott, Simon Fraser and Racheal Smith) and of Doctor Who and sci-fi (including Dominic Glynn, Andrew Smith, Peter Harness and Mat Irvine). Top Geak can be found at its Facebook page, on iTunes and at its own blog.

Vincent Price appears on Christopher Lee’s “This is Your Life”.

Peter Cushing appears on Christopher Lee’s “This is Your Life”.

Stephen Fry’s QI anecdote about Peter Cushing phoning Christopher Lee.

Jon Pertwee singing the Wozel Gummidge song.

Screen Test with Michael Rodd.

Syd Dale – Marching There And Back (Screen Test Theme).

Mark’s Blue Box colleague, Lee, can also be heard on his “Sound & Vision” show on Phonic FM.

“Watching Books” was created in order to republish the three You and Who books which had previously been available from Miwk Publishing but which had fallen out of print during 2013, as well as to carry on the line with future You and Who books and related volumes. The books mentioned in this week’s podcast can be found here.

The Golden Dancer rocking horse scene can be found 48 mins into “Inherit the Wind” (1960).

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