Hayden flies the podcast solo this week as he speaks to four guests about their memories of attending Doctor Who’s 20th anniversary celebrations at Longleat in 1983.

Hear about camping overnight (in April!) to beat the queues. Learn how Jon Pertwee single-handedly thwarted Ian Levine’s auction. Gasp as you hear how Lis Sladen and Carole Ann Ford secretly ditched their dodgy autograph photos. And simply enjoy as the Marquess of Bath lets it all hang out.

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Lots of memories of Longleat 1983 can be found on the splendid “O.L.G. Doctor Who Pages” here and here and here.

Hayden’s first guest is Lee Rawlings, he of the Blue Box Podcast and tormentor of JR Southall.

Lee mentions his “Doctor Who at Longleat” Facebook page which you can find here and to which he encourages anyone with memories/mementoes of Longleat to contribute.

Lee is one of the eminences grise(s)? behind the revival of the Cygnus Alpha fanzine. But the original incarnation (iteration?) of the fanzine was alive and well in 1983 and reporting on Longleat as can be seen from these pieces. They are also reproduced on the “Doctor Who at Longleat” Facebook page.

“Seasons of War” is the unofficial Doctor Who charity anthology.

Hayden’s second guest is Jamie Wells.

Hayden’s third guest is Phil Newman. Phil is currently set designing this production of “Saint/Jeanne” at Chelsea Theatre.

Here are two of Phil photos from the day he starred in “Dimensions in Time”, the 1993 Doctor Who/Eastenders crossover special which marked the show’s 30th anniversary. And here is Phil himself in costume sitting on a bin.

Here is surviving footage of the auction and here is captured the moment that Jon Pertwee thwarted Ian Levine’s auction plans.

“Breakfast Time” interview with Pat Troughton and Peter Davison.

Hayden’s fourth guest is Tony Jordan.

On 23 July 2014, Waris Hussein unveils the Doctor Who Appreciation Society’s plaque commemorating Verity Lambert at Riverside Studios.

Tom Baker’s panel at Longleat.

The Diddly Dum Podcast acknowledges the copyright of anyone we’ve pinched anything from.