The Four Faces of Delusion become Five as the Diddly Dumbers are joined by JR Southall of the Blue Box Podcast. Our heroes have been summoned urgently to The Diddly Dum Whoseum by a false alarm so they take the opportunity to visit the dreaded Room 1-er-1 to debate which Doctor Who related things deserve to be consigned to oblivion.

Along the way, Matt regales us with tales of his visit to the “Day of the Doctors” convention, Michael Grade’s character flaws are laid bare by his milkman, we revisit the worst disasters from the history of Blue Peter and reveal the role played by The Governess (from TV quiz show The Chase) in the junking of Doctor Who archive tapes. Finally, Mr Southall’s outrageously controversial choice of item for Room 1-er-1 results in him following the road taken by Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego – but less successfully.

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The narrator of our thrilling Thunderbirds-themed introduction is friend of the show, Rob Irwin of the Who Wars Podcast.

This week’s special guest is father of the show, JR Southall – the eminence grise of the Blue Box Podcast. In December 2013, it was JR who suggested to The Three Who Drool that they start their own podcast, and so Diddly Dum was born.

Armando Ianucci expresses interest in writing for the Twelfth Doctor.

David Banks played the Doctor in 1989 stage play “The Ultimate Adventure“.

Trevor Martin played the Doctor in 1974 stage play “Seven Keys to Doomsday”.

“Doctor Who – a New Dimension”, narrated by David Tennant, was broadcast shortly before the original broadcast of “Rose” on 26 March 2005.

“Why Don’t You?” was a BBC children’s television series broadcast between 20 August 1973 and 21 April 1995.

The baby elephant weeing and pooing on the Blue Peter studio floor is one of the core memories of a certain generation of British children. Look out for Peter Purves (First Doctor companion, Steven Taylor) presenting.

Simon Groom’s slip (or was it?) after a Blue Peter presentation on door knockers is helpfully ruined by the fool doing a voiceover here.

Mark Curry knocking the head off the Lego man on Blue Peter can be found 1 min 40 secs into this clip.

The junior branch of Doc’s fan club observes the recent solar eclipse.

Doc’s description of JR as “a nice man when you know him but you’ve got to know him first” is of course a reference to the Music Hall song, here performed by Charles Coburn.

The Diddly Dum podcast acknowledges the copyright of anyone we’ve pinched anything from.