For this double review of “Kill the Moon” and “Mummy on the Orient Express”, the Diddly Dumbers have bought Third Class tickets and donned dinner jacket T-shirts to sneak into the First Class dining car. Will they manage to complete the whole podcast before anyone checks their tickets?

10708495_10205096282791598_5430766889711835568_oAlong the way: The Three Who Drool are christened “the 1970s sitcom of Doctor Who podcasting” by a rival podcast. We reminisce about our past encounters with Sylvester McCoy. We discover that famous people are sometimes more lovely than you think. A slow printer replaces the water-cooler as the office gathering place. We reveal the original source from which Peter Harness shamelessly stole the “dragon living in a moon” plot. Al unfolds his insane theory about Perkins’ secret identity. We discover the film against which The Rev measures all other films. We touch briefly on working class situations in British porn. We decide which soap Doctor Who ought to resemble, and Doc away explains his body (10% human, 90% cardboard) by revealing his true comic book identity. Even Strontium Dog and his sidekicks Wulf and the Gronk get a mention.

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The Rev really revels in Hornby train sets. It’s choo choo choo all the way to Hull.

Newest and cruelest (sob) friends of Diddly Dum are the denizens of the “Binro Was Right Podcast”. Their eponymous hero is, of course, Binro the Heretic, a character from Key to Time season story “The Ribos Operation” who was persecuted for his beliefs. Their caricature of the Diddly Dumbers as the 1970s sitcom of Doctor Who podcasting, painting Doc and Al as a “Terry and June” couple and The Rev presumably as the child they never had, is uncomfortably near the mark.

Matt Smith demonstrates why we should avoid using cloud technology. He’s not joking, he’s deadly cirrus.

Among the DVD extras for “The Second Coming” is an outtake where Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston surprises a co-star by appearing at a bathroom door clad in nothing but a sock over his manhood.

“Exploration Earth”, an audio story featuring Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen.

The Amazing Criswell

During the 2007 Hull Comedy Festival, our very own Rev (and his pal Sean) wins a BBC competition and had some of their little Spacehopper fims shown late at night on BBC2 as part of “The British Summer of Film”.

Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Morning

The late actor Geoffrey Hughes played Twiggy in “The Royle Family” but far more famously also played workshy binman, Eddie Yeats, in Coronation Street – sidekick to Stan and Hilda Ogden. And if you fast forward to 2 mins 15 secs into this Youtube clip, you’ll find the famous Stan and Hilda kiss which The Rev refers to.

“Expresso” – Norman Wisdom’s last film.

“Melancholia” is a 2011 Danish art film written and directed by Lars von Trier.

The Diddly Dum Podcast rocks the foundations of Doctor Who writing this week by revealing that the space creature so improbably hatching from The Moon was based on The Soup Dragon from Oliver Postgate masterpiece “The Clangers”.

Peter Harness hails from Hornsea, home of the famous Hornsea Pottery and inspiration for The Rev’s photography book on Hornsea.

“Is Anybody There?” is a 2008 British drama film starring Michael Caine.

“Come Live With Me” song from Richard III (1995).

Doc stamps his authority on his chums as the Daddy Bear of the podcast by finally remembering some kids TV which predates Al and The Rev. Casey Jones (with Casey Junior) was, of course, the famous driver of The Cannonball Express.

“Horror Express” is a 1972 Spanish/British horror film directed by Eugenio Martín and starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.

The Mary Rose raised from The Solent in 1982.

“Bergerac” was a British television show set in Jersey starring John Nettles as the title character Detective Sergeant Jim Bergerac and of course Louise (Leela) Jameson.

The Desert Island Who Podcast.

“Time Travel for the Discerning Rock Fan” – The Rev uses his own blog to rhapsodise about Queen.

Al muses at length about “Kill the Moon” and “Three-Fold Musing” and “Mummy on the Orient Express” on his own blog.

Doc hasn’t put much on his own blog for a few weeks but he’s damned if he isn’t going to get a look-in too if The Rev and Al are going to plug theirs.

“Strontium Dog” is a long-running comics series featuring in the British science fiction weekly 2000 AD, starring Johnny Alpha, a mutant bounty hunter with an array of imaginative gadgets and weapons.

“Ro-Busters” is a British comic story that formed part of the original line-up of Starlord. Similar in premise to that of the Thunderbirds television series, it was created by writer Pat Mills and was drawn by Carlos Pino and Ian Kennedy initially, before Starlord’s merger with 2000 AD. Ro-Busters is a commercial rescue organisation run by Howard Quartz, known as “Mr. 10 Per Cent” because 90% of him is robotic. Thus he has been compared to our own Doc Whom because 90% of him is cardboard.

The BBC’s official Doctor Who website gallery sends The Rev into ecstasies of design delight.

“Three Fold Musing” – more ravings from the padded cell that is Al’s blog.

Doctor Who – “Death Comes to Time”.

Trebor Mummies and their Tales from the Tomb.

The Diddly Dum podcast thanks anyone we’ve pinched stuff from and respects the copyright of etc etc.