For their double review of “Robot of Sherwood” and “Listen”, the Diddly Dumbers travel to Sherwood Forest itself to record the podcast.

Along the way, the Three Who Drool discuss the best incarnations of Robin Hood down the years on the big and small screen, a new form of chocolate scampi with mysterious centres and hanky panky with Arthur Lowe. They analyse the evidence linking Terrance Dicks to Star Wars’ Admiral Ackbar and debate the sexual propriety of the TARDIS console now incorporating moist, squelchy slits.

Just below the embedded media player, you’ll find that we’ve finally included the facility to download the MP3 directly from the blog. This has been added to all previous podcasts too.

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No Complications: Robot of Sherwood (time shift) – on Al’s blog.

No Complications: Listen (time shift) – on Al’s blog.

Iain Martin’s blog

The supernatural attack on the podcasters which sent Doc running back to The Cloven Hoof forms the closing minutes of Diddly Dum Podcast 010 (Date With the Devil) from about 1 hr 50 mins onwards.

Angus Lennie

Pip and Jane Baker


The Unforgettable Yootha Joyce

Robin of Sherwood

Clannad’s Robin of Sherwood theme music

The Scarifyers by Bafflegab Productions

Some of The Rev’s historical illustrations from his film about Conisbrough Castle.

Monty Python’s Knights Who Say Ni

Richard Carpenter – Interviews in Sherwood

Rocket Robin Hood was a Canadian animated TV series.

Battenberg cake

“The Phony King of England” was a song from the Disney animated Robin Hood (1973)

Tom Baker hosts “Disney Time” in 1975

Robin Hood (John Cleese) in Time Bandits

“Today there is no news”, BBC 18 April 1930

Celebrations chocolate box

Cadbury’s Criss Cross TV advert

Arthur Lowe advertises Hanky Panky

Pyramint TV advert

The Rev’s memories of Monster Munch

Television is bad for your eyes

Big Finish “Tom Baker at 80” CD

Donald Sinden

Don Estelle played the character of Lofty in shockingly unpolitically correct BBC TV sitcom “It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum” from the 1970s. He also had a hit singing “Whispering Grass”.

Robert Goodman chats to Toby Hadoke and Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins present Jimmy’s End.

The Rivers of London books by Ben Aaronovitch

“The Tall Guy” by Richard Curtis

We discovered Missy’s secret identity by a rather circuitous route. There are vague similarities in Series 8’s portrayal of Coal Hill School to current BBC school-based series “Waterloo Road” and that staple of British childhood TV for 30 years “Grange Hill”. Mrs McClusky was the headmistress of Grange Hill for years. The show’s opening credits inspired some of the artwork accompanying this podcast. Super-scary Grange Hill teacher, Mr Bronson, played by Michael Sheard (Doctor Who passim).  First Mclusky,  Then Came Bronson (if only in Al’s fevered mind).

Kevin the annoying teenager

Whoniverse timeline website

Steve Moore discusses Abslom Daak

Living legend Kiran Shah

Oedipus Rex condensed

Man Alive

The Diddly Dum podcast thanks anyone we’ve pinched stuff from and respects the copyright of etc etc.