We welcome Lee Rawlings of the Blue Box Podcast to The Whoseum this week.

Lee presents the following items for exhibition and discussion: his Nan’s tape recorder, a Big Finish CD, The Pescatons audio cassette, Graham Norton and a pair of Marigolds.

En passant, we discover that the Mork & Mindy theme tune is identical to the Juliet Bravo theme tune in all respects other than their mood. We discuss the proposed merger between the Xerox and Wurlitzer corporations. We call for a Bagpuss revival on Big Finish. We reveal our secret ambitions to be lighthouse keepers.

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Robin Williams

Was the Mork and Mindy theme tune (from 44 secs onwards) copied from the Juliet Bravo theme tune?

The Primate Directive – Star Trek/Planet of the Apes comic crossover

Lee’s grandmother’s tape recorder

The design triumph that was Metal Mickey

Buck Rogers

Take Hart

The Simpsons – Planet of the Apes Musical

Melvyn Bragg presents “Whose Doctor Who?”

Sesame Street Numeric Con

Sesame Street 1-12

Big Finish

Big Finish – “Phantasmagoria”

Big Finish – “Counter Measures”

Big Finish – “Terrahawks”

Bagpuss & Professor Yaffle

Butterbeans and Breadcrumbs

Big Finish – “The Horror of Glam Rock”

Big Finish – “The Chimes of Midnight”

Big Finish – “Light at the End”

Big Finish – “Spare Parts”

Doctor Who and The Pescatons

2000AD – The ABC Warriors

Genesis of the Daleks soundtrack LP

Books which J R Southall has blackmailed us all into contributing to

Lizard Lighthouse

The Goodies as lighthouse keepers

The Blue Box Podcast

Graham Norton ruins “Time of Angels”



Raleigh Chopper

Cygnus Alpha Fanzine

The Twelve Doctors at Christmas

The Phonic Screwdriver

Man Alive

The Diddly Dum podcast thanks anyone we’ve pinched stuff from and respects the copyright of etc etc.