Our the latest podcast we invite another guest to present a selection of exhibits for permanent display in The Whoseum and to talk to us about why they touch his Doctor Who fan’s heart.

Our guest this time is Simon Brett – one of The Five Faces of Delusion running The Blue Box Podcast, illustrator for much of the Doctor Who content in Starburst Magazine, husband, father and all-round good egg.

Simon (for it is he) presents exhibits which spark talk amongst other things of General Ironicus’ purple light, the use of disposable lighters in the marketing of Doctor Who Weekly, setting up your own Doctor Who convention from scratch and leads to an impassioned defence of the BBC licence fee. Along the way, The Rev launches his one-man campaign for Hull to host the Olympics, Doc takes the media to task for tacitly insulting every city in the UK except Glasgow and Al finally discovers the limits of Doc’s interest in comic strip art.


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Friend of the Show, Simon Brett, visits The Whoseum. Some of Simon’s illustration work can be found here.

Our guest, Simon, isn’t of course the Simon from “Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings”. That was just a hilarious conceit. Laugh? We nearly did. However, his artwork for Starburst Magazine is so good that it really does come true and no-one can object to being associated with a series voiced by Bernard Cribbins himself.

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“The Iron Legion” as it appeared in the first ever edition of Doctor Who Weekly.

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“The Dalek Chronicles” was a Doctorless comic strip from the TV21 comic.

“Sapphire & Steel” comic strip in Look-in comic

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Radio Times Christmas covers

Pink Dalek Candi


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Pave Bar, Princes Avenue, Hull

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