Following their Scottish themed podcast, the Three Who Drool take advantage of their detox course at The Nuthutch in Llanfairfach to discuss three Doctor Who stories linked by the theme of Wales.

The stories covered are The Green Death, Delta & the Bannermen and The Unquiet Dead. In view of Mr Sneed touching up Rose during The Unquiet Dead, “Fanny By Gaslight” was the first choice for a podcast title but “Doctor Huw” was thought more descriptive.

Along the way, Al mourns the loss of Rik Mayall, Doc hails the return of sanity to Doctor Who Magazine’s fan polls and The Rev encounters Terrance Dicks, Mike Tucker and Andrew Cartmel at the recent DWAS Myth Maker event.


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Rik Mayall

Nothing at the End of the Lane

Lost in the Dark Dimension (here) and (here)

Dandelion and Burdock

The Rev writes about his “Myth Makers” experience on his own blog

“Script Doctor” by Andrew Cartmel

Mike Tucker

Thomas Tripp the Milkman

Ivor the Engine – Ep20 – “Snowdrifts”

H R Giger

“The Best Doctor Who Poems in the Universe”

“Green Green the Death” sung by The Rev

The Amazing Spiderman – The Death of Gwen Stacey

The Vindolanda tablets

Alpha Centauri on The Black & White Minstrel Show (8 mins 45 secs)

Stewart Lee goes viral

Dick Barton Music

More Tea Vicar?

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