This week, the Three Who Drool return to their first port of call in their epic pub crawl of drinking establishments famous in Doctor Who lore – The Cloven Hoof in the village of Devil’s End – scene of the classic Third Doctor story “The Daemons”.

April 30th has passed into May Day and, to celebrate Beltaine, the greatest occult festival of the year (bar Halloween), the Diddly Dumbers join the villagers in performing an ancient fertility dance around the Maypole before retiring, exhausted but more fertile, to the bar to discuss three stories featuring the Devil or Devil worship – The Daemons, K9 & Company (A Girl’s Best Friend) and the double bill of The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit.

In which we find Al rubbin’ a hooded man, Doc slipping briefly into his alter ego of Bob Holness and the Rev winning the grand prize by completing his third Gold Run.

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The Devil Rides Out

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Blockbusters Gold Run

Blockbusters Hand Jive

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Bagpuss & Professor Yaffle

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Charlie Brooker’s tribute to Oliver Postgate

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Slaine – The Horned God

Monty Python, Nudge Nudge sketch

Charlie Brooker on the Doctor’s knowingness

The Nephilim today

That little-known K-9 and Company silver screen adaptation

Star Trek, The Original Series – “A Piece of the Action”

Bucks Fizz – “A Piece of the Action”

Ma Baker – Bobby Farrell of Boney M demonstrates the official (and mandatory) jive moves to be used during the Diddly Dum theme music

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