Join The Three Who Drool in the bar of The Fleur de Lys in their tour of drinking establishments iconic in Doctor Who lore.

This time the linking theme of the podcast is Doppelgangers as the three Diddly Dumbers (if it is indeed really them) discuss Enemy of the World, The Android Invasion, Aliens of London, World War Three and Boom Town.

In which Al rhapsodises about New Who’s debt to comic book imagery, Doc remembers annuals and The Rev reveals his previously unsuspected hero worship of Mark Gatiss.

Remember how Sutekh threatened to keep the Doctor alive for centuries, racked by the most excruciating pain? Well, that’s nothing to the experience of a Diddly Dum Podcast which…er…shall we say overruns slightly.

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Somewhere in Time – Iron Maiden (see the building roof top left)

Milton Johns in The Empire Strikes Back

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The Oseidon Adventure (Big Finish) – not The Trail of the White Worm as first thought

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