Join the Three Who Drool on their tour of iconic drinking establishments from Doctor Who lore as this week they travel across space and time to the 52nd century in order to sample the booze at The Maldovarium.

Alas the patron wasn’t on the premises (lost his head, poor thing) and so, disappointed at missing the celebrity black marketeer, the Diddly Dumbers muse of the subject of Failed Alien Holidays.

The stories covered are The Leisure Hive, Paradise Towers and Midnight – during which The Rev goes wall-scrawling with the Kangs and Doc tears the Chief Caretaker a new waste disposal chute while Al feeds us with celebrity deaths in between unscheduled visits to the Gents.

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Audio files of Jon Pertwee’s voiceovers from the “Deus Ex Machina” computer game.

SHADO Security Vehicle

John Barrowman – Tonight’s the Night sketch

Hugo Rune

Alan Moore interview

Quantel Paintbox

Ace Trucking Co

Al’s final issue of Doctor Who Magazine

The Ballad of Halo Jones

Fields of the Nephilim – Psychonaut

Vampire Circus (1972)

Monty Python’s architect sketch

Yootha Joyce in A Man for All Seasons with some actor who was never heard of again

Yootha Joyce in George & Mildred